Corculture - cultivation of the heart. From the latin cor, meaning heart, and cultura, meaning cultivation.

Corculture is a collection of practices that bring you closer to enlightenment, or sainthood. Some primary practices are:

  • Ongoing mindfulness
  • Radical compassion
  • Meditation
  • Non-dualism
  • Self-parenting
  • Surrender
  • The Work
  • Reading or listening to lessons

As an organization, our mission is to identify, organize, develop, and spread the techniques that make people wholesome, happy, and effective.

People grow wild, with ad hoc tools and random environments with damage that has not been addressed. People are naturally beautiful and kind. Many of us live as our unhealthy environment has made us - broken and unhappy, doing our best every day and suffering because our best is not enough. Untended damage leads us to damage others. Corculture aims to tend that damage.

We have the tools to cultivate ourselves as we would plants on a farm, creating consistent, strong, healthy people that beget more of the same. We can transform our bad experiences into healthy tools for dealing with the world, which allows us to weather virtually any storm not only intact, but thriving.

Corculture grows itself by integrating healthy practices from all cultures and religions, and using scientific method to identify and improve practices.